News and Opportunities

(Unless otherwise noted, all news pieces were written by Gyami Shrestha.)


January, 2016

47 participants from 12 countries participated in this 2.5 day workshop sponsored by the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program and the Commission for Environmental Cooperation.

This 1-day public forum will present an opportunity for interested parties and stakeholders to provide individual input on proposed SOCCR-2 themes.


December, 2015

...a peer-reviewed scientific assessment that identifies climate change effects on global food security.

December 2015 AGU San Francisco sessions, February 2016 Washington DC Public Forum.....

...Comprehensive plans that include both short- and long-term interdisciplinary strategies for the carbon cycle science needed to support climate policy already exist....

CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry grew +0.6% in 2014, and are projected to decline by –0.6% [–1.6% to +0.5%] in 2015....

November, 2015

This public comment period invites the public to provide comments and feedback on a triennial update to the USGCRP Strategic Plan.

To generate a roadmap on how to further develop and enhance our capacity to predict future carbon dynamics in North America, gather collective knowledge on predictive carbon cycle science from the community and inform the 2nd State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR-2)....

October, 2015

...The focus is on measurements, experiments, modeling or synthesis to provide improved quantitative and predictive understanding of terrestrial ecosystem and/or subsurface processes that can affect the cycling and transport of carbon, water, nutrients, and contaminants....