Anti-Racism Statement from North American Carbon Program Science Community: Carbon Digest #3

June 8, 2020


Carbon Digest #3 focused on the following Statement from the North American Carbon Program Science Community.

NACP Science Community Issues
Anti-Racism Statement

Yesterday, the North American Carbon Program* (NACP) Science Leadership Group and the Open Science Meeting Planning Committee, which represent over 2900 global carbon science community members, issued a special statement:

Standing United Against Racism and Injustice

In the midst of ongoing racism and at a time of deep division in society, the North American Carbon Program Science Community reaffirms its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusivity in the sciences, and in actively creating and supporting a community that reflects this commitment. We are determined to create meaningful and lasting positive change that addresses systemic racism, prejudice and violence against people of color, or based on race, gender, religion, age, or otherwise. We value diversity in all its forms, and are determined to lead our institutions to becoming stronger and more just through inclusivity and equality.

In light of recent events, we emphasize that we strongly condemn any form of racism or discrimination in the sciences and in all walks of life. An urgent need has been demonstrated loudly.....Some immediate actions that we can engage in now: We will work to specifically better support NACP members of underrepresented or marginalized groups. We will expand our efforts to recruit, engage, champion and encourage NACP members with diverse backgrounds, seeking input and help from all of you. As individual professionals, we will leverage our scientific and programmatic strengths and networks to improve inclusivity and equity in our workplaces, to stand against harassment and discrimination, and to openly discuss and actively intervene in these matters during direct and indirect interactions with our students, colleagues, funders, program administrators, partners and stakeholders....

See full statement and list of signatories. In response to inquiries, the NACP has created this form for additional colleagues who would like to sign this statement.