US CLIVAR DRAFT Science Plan Release

June 20, 2013
The new draft US CLIVAR Science Plan has been released for public review. Please provide your comments on the US CLIVAR website (You will need to create an account there first.)
Many parts of the Plan refer to the carbon cycle. Page 85 refers to the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program.
"...Carbon cycle, ocean biogeochemistry, and marine ecosystem research:
Understanding how climate will respond to future atmospheric concentrations of CO2 and other carbon-containing greenhouse gases, and how carbon sources and sinks will change in response to a changing climate, are questions shared by U.S. CLIVAR and the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program. Joint program exploration of the coupled physical-biogeochemical processes and feedbacks, and their representation in coupled Earth system models, are needed to explore the future state of the climate, carbon sources and sinks, and related ecosystem response. The programs have embarked on scoping and implementing collaborative research efforts to be undertaken over the next decade...."
NOAA 2013 Spring Outlook Map