Thanks for joining us in December: GHG, CDR and OCB-NACP-USCarbonProgram town hall

January 31, 2022

Recordings of major activities from our Dec 2021 AGU activities are available here. Thanks to all who joined us and provided helpful feedback to us.

screenshots of videos of ghg-cdr-ocb-nacp-ccspo-2021dec events

Town Hall
Conceptualizing U.S. Interagency Carbon Information, Monitoring, and Decisions - jointly with the USCGRP Observations Interagency Working Group

Advancing the Science of Carbon Dioxide Removal to Inform Decisions and Actions in response to Climate Change: An Interagency Research Coordination Strategy

Town Hall 
Launching a New Decade of Carbon Cycle Science for the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program, the North American Carbon Program, and the Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry Program