SOCCR-2 and NCA4 at AGU in December

November 7, 2017


We will be discussing SOCCR-2 and NCA4 at the Fall 2017 American Geophysical Meetings. Please join us!

Tues, Dec 12, 2017

SOCCR-2 Town Hall (TH23I) 12:30p – 1:30p (Room 280-282)
SOCCR-2: The 2nd State of the Carbon Cycle Report, a Sustained National Climate Assessment report encompassing North America and Surrounding Waters


Thur Dec 14

SOCCR-2 Poster Session B41G  8:00 - 12:20 Poster Hall D-F

Tuesday Dec 12
•Climate Science Special Report Union Session (U23A)1:40p – 3:40p (Room E2)
Wed, Dec 13
–8:00a – 10:00a (Room 267-268) Sustained Scientific Assessment Oral Session (GC31H)
–1:40p – 6:00p (Poster Hall D-F) Sustained Assessment Poster Session (GC33E)
•Visit the USGCRP Booth (#745)
Some other relevant sessions are listed here by Ameriflux.