March 2021 Open Science Meeting of the North American Carbon Program: Registration and poster abstracts submission

January 4, 2021
NACP Open Science Meeting March 2021 Sessions
Join us for Carbon Fridays in March 2021!

We welcome you to join us at the 7th Open Science Meeting of the North American Carbon Program (NACP)*.

Free registration and poster abstract submission links can be accessed via the meeting site.

Who should attend?

All interested scientists, practitioners, managers and stakeholders are welcome to join this international meeting. Through the 2021 Open Science Meeting, NACP aims to continue fostering opportunities for new collaborations among the global carbon cycle science community.

Important Deadlines and information:
Feb. 15 - Extended! Poster abstracts due for Outstanding Student Poster Competition
Feb. 23 - Extreme Events Webinar: Wildfires (1 pm ET)
Feb. 26 - Poster abstracts due for all others
Mar. 9 - Extreme Events Webinar: Tropical Storms (11 am ET)
Mar. 24 - Data Management Workshop (1-3 pm ET)


In addition to viewing the detailed agenda, on the updated website you can: 

  • Register to attend – there is no fee!  Good news, if you were registered for the original meeting planned for March 2020, you are still registered and don’t need to do anything!

  • Update your title and/or abstract of your talk or poster.

  • Submit a new poster abstract! We are re-opening poster abstract submissions to the Organized Science Sessions. Share your latest research results with the rest of the NACP community! New poster abstracts are due February 26.

If you are a student, enter your poster into the Outstanding Student Presentation Competition. Note that student competition poster abstracts are due February 5 (to ensure we have enough time to find appropriate judges).

See Planning Committee. Contact Libby Larson and Gyami Shrestha and see the meeting website for updates and for more information. 


Prior conference reports

 *About NACP: The North American Carbon Program is a key science community-led activity of the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program. The NACP Science Leadership Group (NACP SLG), established and supported by the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program/CCIWG, provides leadership for the North American Carbon Program. The NACP SLG interacts closely with the CCIWG and the NACP Office. The NACP SLG assists the CCIWG and NACP Office in implementing the NACP Science Plan, following recommendations outlined in the NACP Implementation Strategy and working to assure that scientific returns are maximized. More information on the North American Carbon Program can be found on*