New deadline: CDR workshop expression of interest and postponing workshop

July 15, 2022


U.S. Carbon Program/NACP Community Workshop on Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)

The US Carbon Cycle Science Program and the North American Carbon Program are in the midst of planning a workshop on research opportunities, partnerships and investments of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). The intended workshop participants include funders, scientists, policy-makers and practitioners with expertise, resources and/or capabilities to inform federal CDR research opportunities, partnerships and investments related to air, land, coasts and societal dimensions of CDR.

This workshop has been postponed to Fall of 2022. The new dates will be announced soon.

The deadline for expression of interest submission has been extended to Friday, August 5, 2022.

Scientific Organizing Committee: Sarah Cooley (Chair) (Ocean Conservancy and NACP SLG member), Kim Novick (Indiana University), Yiqi Luo (NAU and NACP SLG co-chair), Jeff Morisette (USDA FS and NACP SLG member), Judy Drexler (USGS and NACP SLG)

Program Organizing Committee: Gyami Shrestha, Libby Larson (NACP/NASA), Devinn Lambert (DOE), Amishi Kumar (DOE), James Egbu (DOE), , Peter Warwick (USGS), Gabby Kitch (NOAA), Zac Cannizzo (NOAA), Shiv Das (NOAA), Dwight Gledhill (NOAA), Pam Chu (NIST) and I-CDR-C.

Location: Virtual

Dates: Fall 2022

Times: TBD

More details: Continue checking the US Carbon Program and NACP websites for updates related to this workshop. Also sign up to receive the Carbon Digest.

Workshop Sponsors: DOE FECM, I-CDR-C and CCIWG


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