Japanese translation of US Carbon Cycle Science Plan sections

October 7, 2013


The Summary and Chapters 1-2 of the 2011 U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan have been translated in JAPANESE in this newly published document:

CGER Reports No.I112 (PDF, 10.5 MB)
A Research Road Map toward Understanding Carbon Cycle Changes
by Integrating Global Environment Observational Data and Models
(only available in Japanese)

Supported by the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, this document describes the 2011 US Carbon Cycle Science Plan with acknowledgement for the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program in the following pages:

Page 30: Acknowledgment
Page 49: Reference source
Pages 71-83: Translation of A U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan
   (2011)(Abstract and Chapters 1-2)

'....This is a report on research road map providing a way forward for achieving a better estimation of the global carbon cycle and for contributing to international climate policies. The road map was reviewed by a committee including experts from meteorology, ecology, agriculture, and social science, which was established in the fiscal year of 2012 supported by the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund, Ministry of the Environment, Japan. Primary issues and tasks were identified that must be undertaken to accelerate the development of an effective system for observing and evaluating the impacts of climate-carbon cycle feedbacks....'

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