Carbon Digest #13: USGCRP Strategic Plan Prospectus Comment Period and Carbon Digest #12 Addendum Carbon Removal RFI

December 7, 2021

Carbon Digest #13: Addendum to Carbon Digest #12 and comment on the USGCRP Strategic Plan prospectus

Public Comment Period: USGCRP Strategic Plan Prospectus

The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), in collaboration with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, is seeking public comment on the prospectus for its National Global Change Research Plan (2022-2031).

The opportunity to provide comment runs through January 11, 2022. The prospectus can be accessed by visiting USGCRP’s Review and Comment System.

In addition to feedback on the strategic pillars and priorities, USGCRP is seeking input on themes or topics that should be included in the final USGCRP Strategic Plan.

Respondents should consider ideas on:
(i) Emerging, large-scale scientific questions related to global change and/or response, especially those where interagency collaboration will be critical;
(ii) Specific information on how science is or is not being used to inform societal response to climate change, and why; and
(iii) Knowledge gaps and obstacles to implementing scientific tools or knowledge.

This is an Open Call. All comments must be input via the USGCRP Review and Comment System by 11:59 p.m. ET, on January 11, 2022 for consideration. Follow the links below for details.

Prior USGCRP Strategic Plans:

Also, in case you missed it, please check out the Carbon Digest #12 dispatched two days ago, featuring the following content:

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U.S. Department of Energy Request for Information (RFI) DE-FOA-0002660 titled Deployment and Demonstration Opportunities for Carbon Reduction and Removal Technologies
The purpose of this RFI is to solicit feedback from industry members, investors, developers, academia, research laboratories, government agencies, potentially impacted communities and other stakeholders on potential carbon management demonstration and deployment projects and their associated locations, including potentially ideal locations for these projects in the United States, all while considering environmental justice, energy transition, tribal, and other impacted communities. This is solely a request for information and is not a Funding Opportunity Announcement. The Department of Energy is not accepting applications to this Request for Information.



If you would like to submit items for future Carbon Digests, please email us a short blurb. Please see prior Carbon Digests for examples of external submissions pertinent to the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program. For instance, we are interested in blurbs or summaries of activities (publications, workshops, research campaigns, networks, information systems, databases etc.) supported, facilitated or co-produced by our Program/the Carbon Cycle Interagency Working Group, and in how you are using our high-level products, such as the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report in your research, communications, education, policy-informing, policy-making/decision-making and related activities.