Carbon Digest #10: Observing, Measuring, Mitigating and Removing Carbon

September 1, 2021


Carbon Digest #10: Observing, Measuring, Mitigating and Removing Carbon

Summer-Fall 2021

In nature, nothing exists alone.

- Rachel Carson (Silent Spring, 1962)

It has been an exciting summer, full of very timely and inspiring scientific opportunities, interactions and collaborations. Despite the COVID-19-induced extraordinary times, the voices and accomplishments of our colleagues and global science community continue to inform and inspire our own collaborative efforts, plans and accomplishments in the interagency space, as you will see from the news items in this issue of the Carbon Digest.  We appreciate your continued input, interest and participation in our activities. 


Gyami Shrestha, Ph.D., Director, U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program Office/USGCRP, Washington, D.C. (Ancestral lands of the Anacostans, Piscataway, Pamunkey, Nentego, Mattaponi, Chickahominy, Monacan, Powhatan peoples)


In this Carbon Digest: 

Who are we?

Work with us! U.S. Carbon Program Student Assistants

Interagency Carbon Dioxide Removal Research Coordination (I-CDR-C)           

Submit nominations - U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan and other leadership roles

Outstanding Student Poster Award Winners

White House Multi-Agency R&D Priorities for FY 2023 Budget

White House Climate Policy Office Workshops on GHG Measurements and Data Analysis and Accounting Systems

Interagency Operational Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Information and Analysis System Work Stream

Conceptualizing U.S. Interagency Carbon Information, Monitoring and Decisions: AGU Town Hall Dec 2021

An Operational U.S. Greenhouse Gas Information Service

Carbon observations, analysis and information in SOCCR2

Strategic Planning and Implementation: U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program and NACP at ESA

Complex Landscapes at Scale Workshop

NCA5 Chapter Leads Selected
IOC-R Vision of Coordinated Ocean Carbon Research and Observations for the Next Decade

Funding Opportunities