Call for technical inputs to the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4)

October 1, 2016

*Excerpts from and NCA-Net communication*

The call for technical inputs to the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4) is open. Submissions of regional information and information for case studies, adaptation, economic valuation, and cross-cutting sectoral research are highly encouraged. 

While the deadline for submitting these inputs is January 15, 2017, earlier submissions may be more influential in shaping chapters, as they can be provided to author teams while they develop chapter outlines. For best consideration, please submit your inputs by November 1, 2016

More information, including the NCA4 outline, can be found here. All technical inputs should be submitted through Contribute

Some additional notes on inputs/deadlines: 
  • If your organization has a technical input in development that will not be completed by early November, you may submit a draft of the material with a note that it will be updated prior to January 15.
  • Literature must be accepted for publication by September 15, 2017.
  • The NCA-4 is interested in gathering information from gray literature, so please do not let a lack of traditional peer review deter a submission. Please include a description of if/how a review took place or when a review is anticipated.

NCA4 Updated Outline

I: Overview

II: Our Changing Climate

III: National Analyses/Sectoral Chapters



Ecosystems, Ecosystem Services, and Biodiversity

Oceans and Marine Resources

Coastal Effects

Agriculture and Food Production


Land Cover and Land Use Change


Built Environment, Urban Systems, and Cities

Human Health

Air Quality

Energy, Water, Land Nexus

Tribal and Indigenous Communities

North American and Other International Effects

IV: Regional Analyses


Southeast and Caribbean


Northern Plains

Southern Plains




Hawai'i and Pacific Islands

V: Response

Near-Term Adaptation Needs and Increased Resiliency

Mitigation: Avoiding and Reducing Long-Term Risks