Our CDR Sessions and Town Hall at AGU in December

September 30, 2022


We will be organizing sessions focused on Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) (two oral sessions, one e-poster session and one poster session) and one town hall during the upcoming December 2022 Annual Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). See you there!

AGU Session

AGU CDR sessions on Science-based Carbon Removal Strategies, Monitoring, Measurements, Reporting and Verification 

AGU Town Hall

A Multi-agency Perspective on Carbon Dioxide Removal Research: Mobilizing the U.S. Research Community and Government Actions Based on Science

Description: Following the U.S. National Academy of Sciences' Reports (2018/2019/2022) on carbon dioxide removal (CDR) as well as related consensus reports (e.g. IPCC 2018/2022 and State of the Carbon Cycle Report 2018), U.S. government agencies are stepping up targeted efforts to address CDR research internally, as well as coordination opportunities with each other and the private sector and broader communities. This town hall will feature program managers and partners discussing and seeking feedback on such efforts, including outcomes of multidisciplinary 2022 CDR workshops convened by the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program, the North American Carbon Program (NACP), and the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Program (OCB). The goal is to inform future opportunities for strategic research coordination and to facilitate activities with multidisciplinary teams working across terrestrial, oceanic, atmospheric and societal dimensions of the carbon cycle.

Primary Contacts:

Gyami Shrestha, Libby Larson, Heather M Benway

Related activities

OCB marine CDR workshop (September 2022)

US Carbon Program-NACP CDR workshop and CDR Academy (Fall 2022 to early 2023)

Narrative-based essay on I-CDR-C development process/motivation to be published in the Fall of 2022 by 'Issues in Science and Technology'

Presentation at Dec AGU 2022: From Carbon Budgets to Carbon Dioxide Removal: 23+ Years of Federally Funded Science Coordination Efforts with the Community