National Academies Call for Nominations: Review of SOCCR-2

November 7, 2016

 *Update* The new deadline for nominations is January 20, 2017.

The Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC) at the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is seeking nominations for a committee that will review the 2nd State of the Carbon Cycle Science Report in 2017.

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The Carbon Cycle Interagency Working Group, via the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program, under the auspices the U.S. Global Change Research Program, is leading the development of the 2nd State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR-2) as a product of the Sustained National Climate Assessment. A new ad hoc committee of the Academies will conduct an independent review of the SOCCR-2 draft report, which will be available in early 2017. The committee will conduct this review concurrent with the public review period and will produce a report.

The focus of SOCCR-2 is on the scientific understanding of U.S. and North American carbon cycle stocks and fluxes, in the context of global-scale budgets. The National Academies is seeking individuals to serve on the Committee with expertise in key areas addressed in SOCCR-2, including:

  • carbon cycle and budget for the land (e.g., soil, forests, grasslands, permafrost), water (e.g., oceans, wetlands, estuaries), and atmosphere;
  • carbon cycle dimensions of energy systems, agriculture, forestry, and urban systems;
  • consequences of rising CO2 (e.g., ocean acidification);
  • carbon cycle modeling and future projections; and
  • related social, economic and behavioral sciences.

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