August 2013 Workshop on Key Uncertainties in the Global Carbon Cycle

ASP Colloquium flyer

A workshop on 'Key Uncertainties in the Global Carbon-Cycle: Perspectives across terrestrial and ocean ecosystems' will be held from August 6-10, 2013 at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO. The workshop seeks to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to global carbon cycle science by integrating knowledge from both land and ocean communities. We are bringing in a great group of leading carbon-cycle scientists from both the marine and terrestrial communities during the middle week of the three-week ASP summer graduate student colloquium. The sessions and discussions will focus on key challenges facing both communities and the innovative approaches being taken to address these challenges. Topics include nutrient cycle controls on carbon cycling, remineralization pathways and controls, the role of individuals in ecosystem dynamics, the role of physical climate variability in carbon cycling, and the use of data to constrain climate feedbacks.

The U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program is co-sponsoring this workshop with NCAR ASP, NSF, U.S. CLIVAR and OCB.

LIVE WEBCAST of the workshop

Video recordings will be made available by NCAR and and will be posted on at a later date.


More details and presentations are available on the NCAR workshop page.