Interagency Carbon Dioxide Removal Research Coordination (I-CDR-C) CCIWG Work Stream or Sub-Group

 I-CDR-C Vision graphic

Carbon Dioxide removal (CDR) refers to any process, practice or technology that removes CO2 from the atmosphere by either enhancing existing natural processes that remove carbon from the atmosphere or using chemical processes to, for example, capture CO2 directly from the ambient air and store it elsewhere. Co-benefits of CDR include biodiversity enhancement and flooding or storm hazard mitigation, while trade-offs could include consequences for sustainable development if the use of land competes with producing food to support a growing population, biodiversity conservation or land rights (IPCC 2018). 

The CCIWG and US Carbon Cycle Science Program have been conducting interagency activities to explore the current state and scope of federal research on CDR. In 2021, we launched the I-CDR-C with the goal of exploring and advancing interagency CDR research coordination strategies.

Please check out this informational flyer for more details on our activities, vision and history.

Federal Interagency CDR Data Call and Compendium

Members of the I-CDR-C CCIWG work stream

Alec Shub, NOAA OAR
Alma Vazquez-Lule, NOAA GOMO
Amishi Kumar, DOE
Anhar Karimjee, DOE
Anna Karion, NIST
Anne Marsh, USDA FS
Colm Sweeney, NOAA GML
Carolyn Olson, USGS
Devinn Lambert, DOE
David Babson, DOE
Dwight Gledhill, NOAA OA
Elizabeth Troein, DOE
Gyami Shrestha, U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program Office Director/Carbon Cycle Interagency Working Group (ex officio)
James Butler, NOAA GML
Judith Drexler, USGS
Jennifer Moore, USDA ARS
John Schmerfeld, FWS
Julie Pett-Ridge, NSF
Kathy Tedesco, NOAA GOMO (CCIWG co-chair)
Kevin Kroeger, USGS
Libby Larson, NASA/North American Carbon Program
Margaret Walsh, USDA OCE
Monika Kopacz, NOAA AC4
Noel Gurwick, USAID
Pamela Chu, NIST
Paul Selmants, USGS
Peter Warwick, USGS
David Redford, EPA
Shuchi Talati, DOE
Toral Patel-Weynand, USDA FS
Betsy Valente, EPA
Zhiliang Zhu, USGS