2020-2021 Federal Carbon Removal Research Data Call

(incl. Data Call of Federal Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), Carbon Monitoring and Research activities that inform current CDR activities or have the potential to inform future CDR activities)


Please see the updated letter from U.S.Carbon Cycle Science Program Office or contact Dr. Gyami Shrestha for additional details. This 12/03/2020 request updates the original 11/10/2020 request.

Please submit this form for each federal research, monitoring, observing or management project/activity about which you would like to provide information.

If you prefer entering the requested information via a spreadsheet, please download and populate this file, and then once filled in, email it directly to Dr. Gyami Shrestha with the subject line 'Re: Carbon Removal Data Call'.

The original data call deadline was Monday, January 11, 2021. To maximize federal participation, we are still accepting rolling federal submissions throughout early 2021. Please contact Dr. Gyami Shrestha if you have questions or comments.

For past activities: We request information on at least the last 5 years of projects/activities. If possible/accessible, please include the last 10 years of data. If you would like, please feel free to include any older CDR relevant projects/information. For future activities: Please include any pertinent new or upcoming activities (short- and long-term).

Thank you for your help. 

If you select yes for end date, you will be asked to specify a date.
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